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Coffee Kids

The mission of Coffee Kids is to help coffee-farming families improve the quality of their lives. They help in the areas of health care, education, micro-credit, and community-based projects. You can help them by making online purchases from companies that donate part of the transaction to Coffee Kids automatically. Go to and enter Coffee Kids as your charity choice. It doesn't cost you anything!

More nonprofits working in the coffee-producing regions:

Cafe Feminino Foundation

Cup for Education

EcoLogic Development Fund

Grounds for Health

Random information about coffee

Tons of miscellaneous espresso links.

The Specialty Coffee Association

Scientific reports and articles about coffee, including health benefits.

More health benefits of coffee.

The history of coffee

Lucid Cafe

What you didn't want to know about espresso drinks. Calories.

Article about drive-thrus.

The Coffee Fest trade shows.

All things chocolate and coffee.

The espresso business

Coffee Universe The Web's #1 coffee information and resource site

Coffee blogs

Daniel's World of Coffee: An excellent blog covering all aspects of coffee. Great articles, well written.

Chemically Imbalanced: This is a vibrant blog with articles and short mobile text messages on random thoughts. I like his "coffee trips" messages. In his own words, this blog is about how sublime coffee collides with real life.

Shot Zombies: A combination of original articles and links to external reports such as a man who sees Jesus in his coffee mug, a graphic chart that shows how to make espresso drinks, and how coffee can prevent bad breath. Very entertaining.

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