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Driven to Espresso

Drive-through coffee stands in the Northwest

From the introduction:

“It is no great secret that coffee is a big deal in Seattle. Ask anyone from another part of the world what they know about Seattle, and they’ll tell you that it rains in Seattle and people there drink a lot of coffee. I’ve always assumed that the two are related.

“For whatever reason, Seattle consumes far more specialty coffee than the average American city, and from Seattle the culture spreads outward—the whole Pacific Northwest is addicted to espresso. The outskirts don’t have as many coffeehouses as the urban hubs, but in virtually any populated area, big or small, it’s not hard to find expertly-drawn espresso at a convenient location. The further you get from urban and suburban neighborhoods, the density of true coffeehouses decreases, while drive-through espresso stands increase in number. They seem to be at every intersection along the main arterials and at every freeway exit.

“Although no one can say exactly how many espresso drive-throughs exist in the Northwest, Washington and Oregon easily have as many as a thousand combined. If you need a caffeine fix and don’t want to get out of your car, this is definitely the place to be. Even though drive-through espresso is growing in other parts of the country faster than it is here, they have a lot of catching up to do.”