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Driven to Espresso

Drive-through coffee stands in the Northwest

You can purchase Driven to Espresso at:

Seattle & Puget Sound area

Made in Washington

Fremont Place Books

Not a Number Cards & Gifts

Burke Museum

Museum of History and Industry

Elliott Bay Book Co.

Peter Miller Books

University Book Store (five locations)

Santoro's Books

Edmonds Book Shop

Square One Books (West Seattle)


Powell’s Books

Most Barnes & Noble or Borders stores in the Northwest: if they don’t have it on the shelf, ask them to restock it, or special order it.


Strand Book Store (New York City)

NOTE: This list is periodically updated, but we cannot guarantee each retailer has Driven to Espresso in stock at any particular time, so it would be wise to call ahead and ask.

If you are a retailer and would like to sell Driven to Espresso, please send an email (


The specific websites that carry or include links to retailers that carry Driven to Espresso change frequently, however the following stores almost always have copies on hand:

Powell’s Books

Barnes &

Borders Books

Bookmasters (my distributor)